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Nikola+ Inside the pedal rattle

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Hi all,

I have a rattling sound that is coming from INSIDE the pedal. Not the pedal holder/pedal connection, that is tight enough. It sounds as if there is something loose inside the pedal.

Are these things hollow and not solid? What is it? Does anyone know? I haven't peeled the grip tape back to look yet.

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Usually this means the magnet inside that holds the pedal in the upright position when folded has come loose. You can fix this by removing the grip tape (carefully, to avoid stretching it), undoing the six screws that hold the top plate to the pedal, and re-gluing or affixing the magnet to its hole in the pedal. Then just reverse those steps to close it back up. 

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Thanks, you are correct.

I got some new grip tape yesterday, and as you said under the "deck" there is a cavity with a hefty magnet that was loose. I scraped out the old glue, which came out in one chunk and reglued the magnet.


Later I played around with the glue plug that has come out and put a lighter to it. In my case it was hot glue. So theoretically, next time it rattles, just hold a lighter under the pedal where the magnet is to warm up the hot glue, so the magnet will reattach. No need to get new grip tape.

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