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On 11/30/2020 at 3:13 PM, NickNonsense said:

... I'm hearing a constitant knock on the wheel whenever i ride. Can also feel it too ...

Hi. Having the same issue with my RS HT.

I'm new into the EUC stuff and so my wheel received some beating before I learned to keep the balance. I started to hear the knock-knock-knock sound after a nasty spin and the wheel vibrates a bit with the sound as well so I can feel it on pedals, similar to your description. Almost as if there would be something like s small rubbery hammer hitting it from inside.

I'm a bit reluctant to start tearing the wheel apart, but I doubt I'd be able to find a repair shop around. So the question I have is - if it's the motor cable (sound plausible), should I open the wheel and try to fix it? Hmm, if it would get disconnected/teared/shorted, that could be nasty. I may need some hints how to do it safely.

Thanks for your help.

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FWIW everyone forgets this design originated from the 18” MSuperV3 many moons ago, and that wheel was much more like this RS19, slightly lower pedals for a more weight balanced wheel. When they m

Can be used, but are not used (see V11 - 12AWG or 14AWG or whatever is NOT a thick cable).  I think that's one of the biggest disappointments - the manufacturers finally switch to thicker axles (

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14 hours ago, Scottie888 said:

Seems like an easy fix but then everything seems pretty easy on an accelerated diy vid.

I'm nearly sure that those metal plates doesn't solve the bearing problems in any way, unless the problem was caused by large stones or a mice that had built their nest there. :roflmao:

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I won't be riding in the rain on my incoming rs ht. If I get bearing problems too it won't be from moisture. 

I like the wheel so if it happens I'll try to find better bearings to replace them with. I'm hoping staying dry will keep em working for a decent amount of miles. Both my current wheels have about 4k miles on them, and they have been ridden in light rain, no issues at all with anything that wasn't completely my fault. 

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