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Can I put a Kingsong 16 x motor in my 16 S (new version)?

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19 hours ago, Bhala said:

Will the firmware handle it?

Pfff.. a complicated question.

First of all 16S and 16X differ in voltage - 67.2V vs 84V.

As they do in no load (lift cut off speed) - so first to check should be if (lift cut off speed at full battery of the KS16S)/67.2V = (lift cut off speed at full battery of the KS16X)/84V

Or if you have lift cut off speeds at other voltages you can divide by these voltages, too.

If these factors are not equal you will shift the max torque over speed limit (overlean limit) accordingly.

Second would be the coil resistance. This is one of the values determining the motor current. So for firmware current limiting, control loops differences could be a disaster. And the motor current determines the available torque...

But maybe you have good luck and they used just the same motor with the same axle?!

As mentioned in your other topic "Ask Richard at https://eunicycles.eu/en/" could be the advice.

As other reputable online shops. Maybe one of them has your ks16s motor lying around...

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Was it your hope to get more power into a compact form factor? 

EUC's have gotten somewhat bloated and there doesn't seem to be much interest in portability any more... (Initially, this was one of the stronger selling points that made EUC's practical as a 'last mile' solution.)

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On 9/5/2020 at 8:27 PM, RayRay said:

Was it your hope to get more power into a compact form factor? 


No. I messed up my rim pretty bad. So I needed a new motor (!). And I had a 16 X motor used at hand for a cheap prize. 

But now I just delivered it to get a motor replacement. 


Video about it here. Maybe not smart but my kid wanted to learn to jump like the cool guys in youtube. 


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