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V10 - a weird snapped screw rattling inside [SOLVED]


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Hi. I noticed that my V10 is making some rattling noise and after removing a side panel I found out a head of some snapped screw  in the area around PCB box. But I can’t find any place where it would belong to and it looks different than all the other screws.

I can’t even say whether it is a new issue or not as it was a very quiet sound and I might ignore it as a rattle of the scorpion handle.

Do you have an idea if it’s a part of V10 or if it’s just some trash that somehow got inside?

EDIT: as the screw holds nothing important and a screw extractor could damage the plastic, I'm going to let it be.




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After opening the box (PCB is on the other side) I found where it belongs to. So it is really a broken screw. :( 

Is this screw an issue? I have no screw extractor that I could use here. :-/ 


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