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Can this TG Self Balance Electric Unicycle Portable Pump inflate my TH T3's tyre?


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I have a TG T3 EUC. I have trouble to connect the pump to the tyre. I searched the internet and find this:

TG Foldable Self Balance Electric Unicycle Portable Pump, http://www.geekbuying.com/item/TG-Foldable-Self-Balance-Electric-Unicycle-Portable-Pump-338414.html.

Does it work?

I searched this forum for an answer. I find someone are using the valve extension tube. Where can I buy it? I searched Amazon, and cannot find any.

Please help.





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I think you're looking for something like this: link 

This one's actually pretty neat, I've never seen a flexible one before.

However, what part are you having difficulty with? It should be just like inflating a bicycle tire. You would use the extension tube to help the pump reach the valve.

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I just received the same uni and had the same issue of a semi-flat tire on arrival. I think the issue is that some of the inner tubes are a little crooked, leaving little room to fit the pump nozzle over the valve.  I just took the TG3 apart to expose the entire wheel so that i had room, and then used pliers to manipulate the valve just enough to fill it with air.  Kind of a pain, but that's what we get for choosing the cheapest entry-level machines. :-)

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OK, I made an extension tube. It is easy and fast to make.


1. Find a cap for the valve. I just use the one on the unicycle, and will find a replacement later. Call the cap's close side the top.

2. Find a LEGO stick or axle of similar diameter as the extension tube's center stick to push the valve stick., cut the LEGO stick to about 2cm length.

3. drill a hole on the top of the cap, just wide enough to put the stick through. The stick should go in from the top of the cap just deep enough to push the valve open.

4. Use Hot glue to fix the stick on the cap, from the top and outside.

5. Find a rubber tube, from the toilet water valve.

6. Put tube on the top of cap, with the stick inside the tube. Hot glue them.

7. From the cap's open side, drill a hole near the stick into the tube. This is the air way.

8. Screw the cap onto the tyre's valve. If you hear air's ssss sound, it is good. Time to use you pump. Else, make the stick to go into the cap more towards the open side. 

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