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Elbow Guard recommendation

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I bought the Fox Titan Racing Elbow Guards but they are too long to feel comfortable wearing along with my Flexmeter D3O wrist guards as you can see here:


Does anyone have any elbow guards they would recommend that would pair nicely with my wrist guards?  I'd also consider some type of chest protector/lightweight jacket with elbow protection as long as it's wearable during the summer months.

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Those POC ones look really nice but they sure are pricey.  I think I'm just going to deal with these as I need elbow protection now and I don't want to wait another week for a new pair to get to me.  It works, but just barely.  I have to have the wrist guards under the elbow pads a bit.  If anyone else is looking to get elbow guards and uses Flexmeter wrist guards, just be aware of this and shop accordingly.

[Quick Update]:

After having used this combo for a couple weeks now, I actually quite like it now and would actually recommend it, lol.  If my arm were 1/2 inch longer, it would be perfect, but even with it being layered a bit, it works out pretty nice.

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