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Anyone seen/used this tyre? 2.50-14 "pit bike"


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Available on eBay UK: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pit-Dirt-Bike-Pitbike-Front-Tyre-2-50-14-14-14-Inch-250-14-110cc-125cc-140cc/162765376441

It's a generic cheap dirt tyre in 2.50-14, I hope to use it on a V11.  What gets my attention with this tyre over the C186 (thanks @mrelwood and many others for excellent reviews of this tyre) is that the tread blocks are offset around the circumference which is likely to reduce road noise and increase grip in very soft conditions.

Has anyone any experience of this tyre?  It looks like a relatively cheap (probably Chinese) mould branded rather unhelpfully as "Nylon".  As it's less than half the price of the C186 I'd love to hear if anyone has personal experience of it.

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The pattern does seem like a relatively good one, but since the knobs are spread apart more, the road noise is probably higher than on the C186. Also, being made for trials motorcycles, the C186 is a very soft tire. Dirt bike tires are generally very hard, further amplifying the road noise.

The grip on any knobby will be so many levels above any EUC stock tire, that I don't think the offset knobs will make much difference in practice.

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I've just found some pics of the CST C803 (discussed previously on this forum) and the pit bike tyre looks VERY similar.  I'm not sure I can find any differences in the photos and I'm wondering if they're both separate clones of another big brand tyre.

At only £14 I think that pit bike tyre is worth a punt and I'm going to get one ready for my V11 when it (eventually?) arrives...

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The tyre has arrived.  The labeling is exactly as per the eBay picture.  There's a manufacturer/model brand of "Nylon" (!), the dimension of 2.50-14, the rim dimension of 1.60", a load rating of 37 (128kg/282lb), speed rating of P (150kph/87mph) and a pressure at max load of 40psi.  It's labeled as 6-ply-radial.

The tyre is extremely rigid, like a car tyre, and it's going to be a major PITA to install due to this rigidity.  There is also some flashing due to overmoulding on the inside edge of the bead which may need to be trimmed so as not to interfere with the inner tube or fill valve.

Dimensionally it's pretty close to spec.  The bead is a fraction over 14" in internal diameter, it's almost exactly 2.5" wide and 2.5" tall uninflated.  Rolling diameter (again, uninflated) is almost exactly 19".  It's approximately 64/100-355 in metric sizing.

The profile of the tyre is almost exactly the same as the 64-305 that I bought for the V10F (noting that that was a couple of inches smaller) with the curve of the profile being approximately 2"/50mm in radius.  Unlike the tyre I bought for the V10F the tread blocks on this tyre alternate (as per the picture) which I'm hoping will give great grip in the slippery stuff.

As the rubber is a very rigid compound I'm not expecting fantastic grip on the blacktop, it could also be quite noisy as it's quite an aggressive pattern.  I imagine it'll need to be run at a surprisingly low pressure to get good grip.  The advantages of this very rigid compound are likely to be very low wear and I'm expecting to get some miles out of it.

Now to see if I have any decent tyre levers, if not that might need to be an additional purchase!

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