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**Sold sold sold** Gotway MCM5 for sale, $900 [Bay Area, CA]

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Selling a great starter wheel that you won't quickly outgrow, and the best city/commuter friendly wheel in my opinion. $900 + shipping

I just bought just it in April 2020! 300 miles on it to date.

For sale is my Gotway MCM5. It was my daily wheel until I upgraded recently. This is the previous version of the wheel, up until about a week ago Ewheels.com was selling these for $1250. I prefer local sale, but shipping available at buyer's expense. Ewheels says they'll give me a reduced cost shipping label, even though I bought it direct from China. Gotta love Ewheels.

Battery is top shape, shells in great shape, tires got nearly all its tread left, absolutely nothing wrong with this wheel except some cosmetic dings. I fell on this once at an embarrassingly slow speed. There's some scratches as viewable in the photos, but there is no damage beyond what is superficial.

- 26 mph top speed (not including the safety margin, 26mph is 80% max capacity of the wheel at full charge, according to manufacturer).
- 800wh battery
- 1500w sustained motor
- 30 miles of range if ridden conservatively
- 14” x 2.125” tire (which holds air, as you'd expect)
- built in trolley handle
- ACM black pedals, magnetic. You can actually spin this wheel like a coin by the trolley handle, and they'll effortlessly flip down
- under handle cut off button

I'd like to keep the side pads seen in the photos, but you will get:

- gotway v2 mcm5 side pads. Great improvement over their v1 pads, better material and more durable. I just like the custom side pads I made seen in the photo. 
- Tire Pressure monitoring cap. Will change yellow/red mechanically when it needs air. No more tedious air pressure checks.
- A drawstring backpack in the handle. It’s been such a nice QoL improvement that I’m pushing it on whoever buys this wheel haha. It makes it easier to push the cut off button, and you'll always have a light duty backpack when you need one, which keeps you better balanced than carrying shopping bags.
- A stock charger, of course

Other than the spill, I’ve taken good care of it. I don't leave it in the heat. I don't let it sit with a full charge, and I balance the battery every few charge cycles.

First come first serve, happy to let you try it out. I've had very smooth transactions through this site before, hoping to keep that trend going!







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9 hours ago, James4 said:

How about $750. I’m reasonable local (sac) and can pick it up. 

Just FYI everyone, a local sale is pending for this Saturday. I won’t be selling this wheel for less than $850. At that point it’s more valuable to me just to hang onto it as a back up beater, or convert it to a v2 if the kit comes out.

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