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KS16S (v2 model) clunk noise


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Ive recently started getting a "clunk clunk " noise from my wheel after riding on grass in my yard. I thought the sound might be the valve stem but im not sure. Here are my observations:


1.)Clunk sounds only happens when standing on the KS16S ,sounds like it happens at each revolution of the tire. 

2.)Sounds like it coming from left side (the battery charging port is facing forward)

3.)Happens going forward and backwards.

4.)Happens in all riding modes

5.)Pedals screwed in tight (there is only one nut that screws it all together, by observation, was unable to push it out  due to not having long enough screw driver or tool around

6.)No visable damage, no bent rim, no damage on the body, ROLL.NZ cover is on the device, with nothing on it that make a sound.

7.) clunk sound  not heard when device is off .

8.) clunk sound not heard when using lift sensor to run the EUC 

9.)clunk sound not heard when device is on and moving the EUC without my body weight.

10.) Valve stem is where it should be as it always has been.

11.) tried not having valve cap on  the stem, noise is still reproduce.


So im not sure whats going on, but what are my options? I only had this wheel for a month and a week.

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Just my 2 cents. You probably has a small trunk of tree branch stuck above the wheel. When you are on the wheel, the shell is lower and the branch touch the wheel. When you are off, the branch is slightly higher and it will not make a noise.

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