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My V11. Next level and my new main wheel.

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So I got my 1st batch of the 100 first made wheels yesterday late (about 18.30-19.00) I pocket it up at UPS. Apprently they are unfamiliar with the use of door bells.  Anyway as always there are n

So today I had my first proper ride for a long time. I can only say I am very impressed by how this new tire works, K66 80/90-14. Since my last drive board have in after just 500m I didn't h

Okey so a little update to my V11 story.  I managed to rebuild my newest V11. So I had fitted the new motor with the factory seal and with the K66 80/90-14 Snowtex tire. And exchanged the drive b

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Nice videos! Should see if you get any "bounce back"? @Hsiang suffered a pretty bad crash and broke his V11. Video footage and his recollection of the reason is pretty uncertain, but he said its either rider error, suspension bounce or tyre defect. He sound like he was going pretty fast too, above 30km/h.

Stay safe! 

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Love the video and excitement in your voice in glad your liking the wheel and helps save your bad knee, Keri the videos coming, what psi are you using now in chambers and tyre and your weight again 😁 

Thanks @Unventor

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40 minutes ago, Unventor said:

I did a little hollow test today.


Is that the AVAS sounds playing through the wheel speaker?

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Awwww... Well, enjoy it. :D I’m apparently not going to get a V11 early, so I have to go back to learning new stuff on a V10. Like going backwards. Or Chooch-like jumping. Or riding down stairs. Or trying to overbrake it (aka emergency brake). That kind of things.

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1 hour ago, Flying W said:

I think it's really cool you can you this! 

I think covid-19 is the catalyst that makes some people test new ways.

For me, it is a decision balancing between my dependency of back up plan (the car) vs taking a leap of fair with the benafit my EUC gives me. 

Should it not pan out. I can get a small car for the free value I get and the money save while testing this new step. 

I am moving towards 50 but only had cars the last 12 years. Before that my means of transport has been bicycle always any weather. Now I am back to basic again, just on EUC. 

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I made it a yr and a half with just the EUC (still had one car for the wife) then my job ended up too far away to use the EUC (35 miles one way) so I've been back in a vehicle. 

I used to show up much happier and ready to work when I rode in. 

I rode the motorcycle most days but that's is just pure stress in the morning traffic....bike should be weekend toys for mnt roads haha

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6 hours ago, Unventor said:

Things are going very fast now. 

I have booked yearly service review for my car for tomorrow morning. The at lunch I am getting a fit for road certificate and shortly I am driving the car 25km away for auction sale service. After that I only have my wheels for transport. 

And that is my future plan despite we get winter weather from time to time. The reason I am selling the car now is due used car sale prices are high as people is shifting away from public transport yet not having money to buy new cars and combined with new EU co2 tax for new cars. All this bumped expected price up 10-15% compared to before covid-19 (spring 2020). 

It is also my 2nd rear transport in unknown area as EUC rider. With a few scary thing as I am forced of road in so part of the way home and I have to cross a channel we're I normally only go by car (no EUC allowed there) So this will be a verging voyage in many aspect. 

To fit all things into the same day, I decided just to go ahead and get this done, and took the day off from work. 

Being without the car for first time in 12 years seems a bit scarry right now. Next week I am likely going to feel better about this. And even better once I seem my costs saving at the end of the month. 

Wow. That is certainly a leap of faith. 

But I agree, many of us would never of consider giving up our cars if not for the pandemic. 

I hope things work out for you! 

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I'm without a car as well. But I live in a fairly big city with a good public transport, so the only case when I would need a car within ~20 km range is for transporting a furniture and similar stuff. And I can borrow one from family members living nearby. Now the funny part: I bought a motorcycle recently for trips far over EUC range and wanting for a ride on a new toy, I used it for one city errand. Never again. An EUC might get me there faster and without smelling so much fumes from cars around. :D

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1 hour ago, Zopper said:

I bought a motorcycle recently for trips far over EUC range and wanting for a ride on a new toy, I used it for one city errand.

(noting that this is slightly off-topic): My bike meets a different need to the EUC, primarily range, longer distance travel and a different pleasure.  I don't live in a city so the EUC isn't really practical for shopping trips (it'd take me nearly an hour each way on the EUC) and I'd usually use the car, the bike offers a more pleasurable alternative to the car but with the overhead of having to get the bike out, get kitted up etc.

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