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Euc/Mten3 newbie experience and charger issue

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Hi all, 

After a 2 month wait my 420mh mten3 arrived from China. I immediately gave it a try having never ridden a euc before and as expected I was a useless nervous wreck. I've only had 1 biggish fall but am learning on astro grass so was fine. The infamous gotway dance got my ankle once which bruised up a bit. I'm gaining more confidence each day. 

By default the setting on the app was Strong or Sport depending on which app using. My Google searches indicated most responses were from users who favoured this setting. After about a week I decided to try the 1st setting (leisure) and hallueua I could ride much easier with more stability. I'd advise any other beginner like me to choose this setting although in hindsight having a week with a very sensitive strong setting may have inadvertently made me better quicker although I was an accident waiting to happen. Loving it so far. 

Now I'm clueless with all this volts and amps malarkey when it comes to charging. I recieved a gotway charger as below 

Input 100-240v

Output 67.2v  2.0A

This connects to a 2.5A 250v connector with a 2 pin plug. 

Being based in the UK we have 3 pin plugs. Basically, what do I need for me to be able to charge this thing! Can anyone please point me in the direction of a cheapish product I need to be able to charge this amazing wheel? 


Many thanks

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Your charger is compatible with UK mains power. You just need a plug adapter - international plug adapters are a cheap and common item at local electronics stores and online.



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Thanks for reply. At the risk of sounding like a complete idiot the ones pictures have 2 pins not 3 and clickijg through the 1 review says they don't work in UK. 

In theory though it's just a universal adaptor though I guess 


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