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SOLD V5F, lightly used. $500 O.B.O. Omaha, Nebraska (N America)

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I'm selling my V5F.  :(  I love riding it, but my need for speed and smoother riding got the most of me so upgraded.  Since I really only ride the V10, I can't justify just letting this sit around unused. 

I have hopped off a few times while learning, so it is scratched on the pedals and handle as usual, but I have never had a problem with it, and it has not sustained any serious falls, impacts, etc.  I purchased it early 2020 from myinmotion.com, as a new but open-box sale, with 90 day warranty, for $600.  I Still have the box and charger.  I purchased a cover, but it's kind of off and doesn't fit wonderfully.  It works though, and has kept the shell scratch free.  The unicycle now has 186 miles.  It has been kept inside.  I try to keep it charged to around 50%, charging up to 80% and not discharging much below 40%.  It hasn't been ridden in around three months, but the battery appears to be fine.  I don't believe that's an issue, but if there are battery experts, please let me know if it's likely to be seriously diminished.  I don't want to make an unhappy buyer by selling a bad battery, so if there's reason to think it may not still be in great condition, we can discuss an appropriate price reduction.  I think it's still very close to original capacity though.

I'll take take what I can get for it, as long as the new owner(s) love it and care for it, and pass it on if an upgrade is needed.  I figure that I've only put a small fraction of its life on it; hopefully it will go thousands of miles with minimal repair, so I'd like to get back most of what I spent.  Since it usually goes for $700, and I only got it for $600 because it was open-box, I'll ask $500 including shipping.  This is the price that MyInmotion asks for their refurbished.  The difference is that I may not pack it as neatly(not a professional here!), and I already stuck on the ankle pads, but I am including the cover (which was $30 I think).  Like their refurbished, it has the typical scratches, and is very low mileage.  They say under 150 miles, so this is just slightly over that.  Feel free to make offers though; I know I've seen them go for significantly less.

I am in Omaha, Nebraska, so while local buyers would be great, I'm guessing I'll have to ship it.

Photos can be sent if needed.  It looks like a lot of other lightly used unicycles.  Nothing special, but can be sent if requested.

I'm going to miss its convenient weight and nimbleness.  

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Hello! I've had a onewheel for a few years, and am looking to buy a good starter EUC. Searching around online for the last couple weeks and talking to people has me decided on the v5f. I can guarantee that I will take care of it and use it -- my wife and I currently go on bicycle + onewheel adventures (taking turns who's on the OW) and want to switch it up to be unicycle + onewheel. The OW has a few thousand miles on it by now hah. We just moved from KC to Dallas, so shipping would have to happen. We are a little price sensitive, though, and can only afford around $400. If the shipping is substantial, we can chip in for that, and we can pay anytime soon. Feel free to call/text me or respond here (I just made an account). Cell is nine13461422five. Thanks! -Jake

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