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Attention: Aliexpress/Chinese KS wheel locks!

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This saddens me as well. As I love my 16X, I was looking at the 18S as my next wheel. No more though. Company support is paramount. Without it, we are buying $2,000+ paper weights.

Thank goodness my fist purchase and all future purchases will be through Ewheels.com where I know everyone who has purchased from @Jason is more than satisfied.

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What other pleasant surprises KS app holds for the future? Uninstalling it.... just in case. Also not buying KS product again in a fear of it being a ticking paperweight.

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On 8/16/2020 at 8:06 PM, Ben Hatfield said:

the whole John Deer tractor thing is bad enough, where owners have to download custom (illegal) firmware so they can gain access to their own purchased vehicle for diagnostics and repairs (I haven't read up on this in a long time, so not sure where JD is at this point on this). 

John Deere thing is mostly cherry-picked stuff taken out of content, here's an explanation from one of the Right to Repair guys himself. It is not as bad as it sounds. 


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Kingsong should fix their supply chain / retail network instead of punishing consumers who dont know anything about such politics or policies.
Its like buying a car in France and you drive it to Germany... then it stops in the middle of the road since its outside of its supposed purchased country.
Major blow to consumer protection and rights and will very badly impact Kingsong fans.... negatively!
I was going to buy S18 for my next EUC. Sorry to say, looking at other brands now. Very SAD day for consumers !

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Kingsong doesnt have to please anybody. KS has every right to block sale and block support to any third party sellers that are not authorized and for buyers who think they can get away with it. KS shouldnt have to be responsible for a buyers ignorance if they bought it off on AliExpress 3rd party because they wanted to save a few bills. How KS determine which 3rd party seller they support is strictly under their right and discretion. Tesla, Apple etc companies also do the same thing. I dont really understand the big fuss, they have every right to protect their intellectual properties. Buyers are free to choose whatever product they want to support/buy and in terms of brand loyalty thats just some fairy nonsense. You choose a product based on what your pocket dictates and features. If you dont like how KS is doing their business, you are certainly within your right to complain and be dissatisfied. Whether they listen or ignore then that is also within their right. Unless you are a stock holder of their company then thats a different story. Take your money elsewhere, its not rocket science stop bullying KS to comply with your dissatisfaction. Imagine if ALL EUC manufacturers decided to copy KingSong's lock mechanism. Will everyone stop buying EUC? I highly doubt it.

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16 hours ago, mrelwood said:

The issue was never with getting support. And everyone agrees, they should block their sales channel. But instead of doing that, they tamper with our property. Don’t you see the difference?

No they don’t. I’ve used only iPhones since the 3G, used and new, and Apple has never remotely locked my phone.

The fuss is about the end customer protecting their own physical property. Maybe you haven’t read on the subject very much?

The features of my KS wheel drastically changed 3 years after purchase when it suddenly turned into a paperweight. Only for four days, but still, someone taking control of my property or main means of transport for four days is not acceptable to me. By a long shot.

Having KS stocks wouldn’t change anything.

The discussion exists exactly to inform people so they can decide to do that.

Of course they wouldn’t. Then we would have no choice. Now we do have. But the choice has to be informed, through these discussions.

Well Said mrelwood ! Well Said !

Only thing Id add would be..... that I would end up purchasing an ebike or escooter (which from what i know do not tamper with private property) if all EUC manufacturer decides to imposes lock mechanism. All these electric last mile vehicles accomplish the same task, so Im form factor agnostic. Further, they are likely safe since it 2 wheeled so more reason to buy 2 wheeled electric last mile vehicle. 


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