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Bell Super DH - Adjusting straps

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I've never owned a helmet.  I just got the Bell Super DH and it fits great, but the back straps are a little long.  The manual talks about adjust them, but I don't see how to do that.  There is no mechanism to adjust the length... it just feeds right into the helmet.  Am I missing something?

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Here's where the back strap enters the helmet.  Is there some way to remove that clip and make some adjustments?


Also, what is this thing called (pic below)?  It's not mentioned in the manual.


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2 hours ago, Dreygun said:

I have same helmet. Fits so nice. My straps were perfect length tho. You get correct size?

Yeah, definitely.  It fits perfect.  I don't know, maybe it's supposed to be like that.  I still feel like it's secure but the back straps could be recessed a bit more for my size.  It's not really an issue though.

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I have the same. My head is an egg and I wanted a large enough helmet to smoke in. Iirc, you can move the liner via the dots that pop in. You can tighten the back knob. As for straps.. I popped them out where tou see the tab, cut shorter and busted out the thread and needle for a hack job. THen popped the side plastic pieces back in and done. The straps are a joke on this helmet anyhow. As long a it stays in place for the first slam, I'll call it good enough..  If you need just  one or the other... get out the thread and needle and just get to it...

The mount in the pic is a snapoff go-pro mount. Intended to pop off before breaking your neck. I tossed mine as it blocks a vent, and I aint that concerned. Standard curved gopro mount will stick just fine. It aint a bad lid for what it is. Light, cool, decent field of view. Not horribly uncomfy. Add a piece of metalic tape and its smokable too. I wear shades and dont fret low trees, so the visor came off. Not too bad for wind noise. It aint an rf1200, but its also not designed for SERIOUS play anyhow. Good blend of compromises, just use black thread and pretend you're in a sweat shop... all good.

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