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For Sale Beautiful v Low Mileage KingSong 16x 1554wh - London

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Immaculate KingSong 16x 1554wh purchased brand new from the amazing guys at PET https://personalelectrictransport.co.uk only done 794 miles from new and I am the only owner. This was my second wheel and and it has been truly pampered and cared for.  Some scratches to pedals as you would expect, but everything else in top condition. Batteries never been allowed to run below 30% primarily because this wheel is capable of great mileage. 

Comes with two KingSong chargers for super fast charging of this one of a kind machine and original box if required. 

I also had the guys at PET replace The inner case and totally rebuild the wheel to ensure that absolutely everything is perfect, as I trust their engineering more than the teams in at the factories and I value my safety.  PET know their stuff and are passionate perfectionists!

I now have a Veteran Sherman and so have found that I’m not really using the 16x. While the Sherman is faster and has a bigger battery, the 16x also has a very powerful 2200w motor peaking at 4200w. However,  the 16x is significantly lighter, more nimble / enjoyable  for everyday use but also with a great battery, it’s the ideal wheel for anyone from beginners wanting to advance quickly, to seasoned experts!

Snap up a bargain while you can £1300.  





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