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Learning to ride in NYC

Ronin Ryder

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Nice work! Thanks for sharing your process with us.

It must be crazy frustrating to not be able to find a place to practice in peace.
Just give it time and everything will fall into place. It took me a reaaaaally long time... and I mean weeks.
Others have learned in 30 minutes. I am not one of those haha.

Good job starting on a Nikola it will grow with you pretty much forever!

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Thank you Mike for your nice comment!

One week later i can now ride the Nikola. My balance is very fragile though. I was training on a turf field and i noticed as soon as i went to asphalte fields i could ride without issues. I accidentaly hit a speed bump that i didnt see ( it was dark)  and immediately lost control. Wow, suspension will be really needed after all. I wonder how experienced riders do with streets in NYC with so many bumps and potholes...

. I unfortunately cant ride everyday. Today i tried to ride nearby and it was too crowded, very uncomfortable, also people looking at you like a monster freak because of the unicycle. Very weird, especially for NYC. To reduce this,  Ill stick to train early in the morning or later at night till i'm comfortable to ride with crowd/obstacles. With all these indrances,  Its going to take some time before i can use the euc as my daily transportation vehicle...

I got some gear (helmet, summer motorcycle jacket, knee pads and flexmeter wrist guards)I can't stand the flexmeter wrist guards. Sure they look efficient but they are so big and hot,  and take some time to wear. i would like to get a set up where i can wear gear easily and not look like robocop. Arethere any other wrist guard out there that is low profile and easy to wear? I ordered motorcycle jeans too so that i can be also low profile on knee protection.

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