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Inmotion V10F completey dead after harmless tip-over


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The wheel tipped over at about walking speed. When I picked it back up it had switched off, but when I pushed the power button nothing happened. The wheel was and remains dead. Battery was at least 80% full. I have tried short pushes of the button, long presses (thinking you might need to reset it or sth.), pressing the button with the spin kill switch pressed, nothing. The wheel charges when you plug it in, but you can tell only from the red light of the charger, the wheel itself stays dead. The Inmotion app wont connect to the wheel either, of course.

Edit: just took the covers off and disconnected the battery cable, several times, for a hard reset - nothing. Only thing I noticed was that when I disconnected the battery and plugged it back in a green LED on the mainboard burned for one or two seconds, then went out again. I didnt notice any visibly damaged or fried parts either, also no burnt smell.

Any idea what this could be? This is super disappointing, I was looking forward to getting a lot of riding done with my brand new wheel in my summer holidays.

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21 hours ago, Hal Farrenkopf said:

How is the 40 amp ATM fuse? can you see if it is burnt inside the pinkish orange plastic shell?


It didnt look burnt to me. I took a good look at it but it was difficult to determine as i had no idea what it was supposed to look like new. Definitely no brown or black stuff visible though.


I have already contacted the vendor, if all goes well the wheel gets picked up and sent back on Wednesday. Lets hope he doesnt gove me any trouble, his customer reviews on google are pretty atrocious, as I found out much too late ...

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This must be most discouraging for you, 262.  When you disconnected the battery from the mainboard how long did you wait before you plugged it in again?  The capacitors on the M/B need some time to discharge. Try unplugging the battery and leave it unplugged. Have a coffee, maybe. Then plug it in again.

Good Luck!

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Yeah I thought of the capacitors a bit too late. The wheel has already been put back together again and a notice has been sent to the seller that I want it exchanged. I shouldnt have to mess around with and attempt to DIY fix a wheel that hasnt got two days of use and 20 miles on it.

edit: I also opened the little warranty booklet today and found a stamp in it that said the wheel had been produced in March 2019. That thing is one and a half years old and apparently it sat with an almost full battery all that time.

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