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Indoor Hockey Pants? Are They a Good Option?

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I know this isn't protective gear per say, but I'm new to EUC and also looking for clothes I want to wear with my gear that can hold up to falls. In the past I used to play indoor hockey and know that Indoor Hockey pants are built for durability and breathability. So I was thinking Inline/Indoor Hockey pants would be a good option because I would prefer to have have knee pads underneath any pants I wear. My main worry is that they would be too long since they are sometimes meant to be tucked inside skates. My solution if that becomes a problem is to grab a pair of elastic boot bands, but not sure if its worth it. Any thoughts?


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There are motorcycle-trousers that look like normal jeans (it´s a jeans with protectorpockets) on the market. By now I wear a fullface-helmet, wrist-guards, knee-protectors and (if temperature allows) a motorcycle-jacket (I have ordered ellbow-pads for warm days). And I´m looking for a hip protection as well. The thing is, I put on all that gear, ride to work and have to put it all down. Than have a break... all gear on, ride, all gear off, have a meal .... you got it.

It does not last very long to mount all the stuff, but - you know - could be more handy. Therefor the indoor hockey pants look interesting. Don´t know how good they protect while I never saw some.But in case all between me an the gravel is wellcome. however - to be honest the look is more like resting on the couch than going to the office, think this wouldn´t be appropriate at work. (And I don´t even like to go shopping this way as well.) 

I´m thinking about how good the protections stay in place. My knee-guards with velcro do not slip while die ellbow-pads in my motorcycle-jacket totter around and would propably not be in position when the ellbow hit the ground. the reason is that I often do not tighten the jacket for better cooling. But this isn´t what it´s ment for. I think it could be the same issue on trousers with protection. Too thight is not breathable enough, too lose dosn´t have the protective funktion. I´ll see.

One more benefit of protection inside clothing is, that you can not get careless. "Hmm... it´s only a short ride. Don´t want to gear all up for ." You wear it allready. Without having this "Ironman-look".  

Keep on being geared up.

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