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Full finger gloves with build in wrist guards that work with a phone?

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15 hours ago, I_Must_Bust said:

Wondering if anybody knows of a set of full finger gloves/wrist guards that will work with a phone. I've found these but the fingers do not have the capacitive tips for use with a touch screen. 


I can confirm these gloves do not work with a phone. I tried sewing in some conductive thread but it didn’t work, or my sewing skills are not up to it.

Ended up cutting a hole in the thumb pad which works ok until you need to zoom in on a map. Will need to cut a hole in the index finger too.

Apart from this I highly recommend these gloves.

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4 minutes ago, I_Must_Bust said:

@Tazarinho those are exactly what I need. Where did you order yours from?

@RoCan I had the same idea but was unsure it would work. Thanks for saving me the trouble!

I got mine from here https://www.phaserfpv.com.au/products/gyroriderz-gloves-v2?variant=31864936136781

They shipped pretty quick and with the exchange rate and coupon they give international customers it was much cheaper there than the company website. 

For the coupon the work you need to be signed into the account you make to order. 

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On 8/5/2020 at 8:49 PM, I_Must_Bust said:

@Tazarinho those are exactly what I need. Where did you order yours from?

I got mine from a local reseller in Brussels.
I know some US riders got them at the LA EUC Games from @The Fat Unicyclist

I'm pretty sure @GyroRideRz could give you a list of resellers though, if you want to check where the shipping costs would be lowest.

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4 hours ago, I_Must_Bust said:

@RoCan did you follow a video method online? What I saw is that you need to keep the threads on the inside loose for contact with the fingers

No, I just went for it... and failed. I wouldn’t bother if I were you. I think the issue is rather that any excess material, ie if the gloves aren’t tight at the end of your thumb and finger, will make it impossible to accurately use the touch screen. 


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