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Pedal tilt & "Car Body Turning & Forward Correction"


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I am trying to find a definition of pedal tilt & "Car Body Turning & Forward Correction" information for the InMotion app.  What does 4 degree tilt mean?  Is this 4 degrees tilt forward or 4 degrees tilt backward?  Riding my wheel, when pedal tilt is at zero, I feel many times I am leaning way forward when in reality I am standing up strait buy my feet are angled slightly upward from heel to toe giving me the feeling I am leaning forward.  It gets taxing on the calves rather quickly.  Granted I may have been running at less than 50% battery which I have recently learned would should cause the pedals to tilt slightly backwards to limit acceleration/speed?  But setting the pedal tilt at +2 or +3 degrees hasn't helped that I can feel.  So does the tilt only come into affect at a certain speed, otherwise remains near zero?  If it comes into affect at a certain speed, what is that speed that the pedal starts to tilt?

   These settings may be different with different wheels; Kingsong vs Inmotion vs Gotway.

[Edited]   I had a weird experience on my wheel as I was playing with these settings.  Setting my pedal tilt at +6 [edited: my bad, +0.6 degrees.  Another confusing point, InMotion app allows one to set the tilt at decimal points of degree, so 0.6 degrees.  In the EUC World app it's listed as 6x0.1 degrees], the pedal would feel horizontal to the ground when I started riding.  Accelerating would cause the pedal to tilt forward.  Then as I started to slow my acceleration, the pedal would tilt back toward zero.  Is the pedal tilt designed to be interactive with the speed of the wheel or is it a hard setting?  In other words, does the adjustment of the pedal tilt in the app cause the pedals to fluctuate more in acceleration & brake or is it a set & forget setting?  If I set the pedal tilt to +4 degrees, does the pedal tilt adjust & stay at +4 degrees regardless of the rider & riding technique or does the pedal fluctuate from zero to +4 / -4 degrees depending upon the acceleration / braking of the rider?

   The second weird thing I had with my wheel was a setting called "Car body turning & forward correction" on the InMotion app.  I don't know how to set this setting nor what it suppose to do but when playing with both the +6 degree pedal tilt & this CBTFC button (there was no interactive screen or any other activity when I picked the button), turning right I felt my toes scraping the pavement the pedal tilted so much.  I nearly lost control it was such a steep tilt.  Turning left on the other hand, I had no forward tilt at all.

   I have not yet found any definitions of these settings nor the appropriate explanation of what setting will do what affect.  We really need a more descriptive "user manual".

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Nobody responded to you so I'll take a shot at it:

* It's obvious what these settings do: they tilt you forward or backwards.

* I was playing with it yesterday and determined I prefer it off, or 1 degree leaning forward, at the most. Anything else is uncomfortable.

* Running low battery does not cause the pedals to tilt permanently, it just enforces a different speed limit by using tilting - if you are below the speed limit your pedals are not tilted regardless of battery level (until 0% when it tilts upwards by about 20 degrees to make you stop riding).

* The tilt setting is not affected by your speed, if you set it to lean forward 1% it will do that even when accelerating and decelerating

* The most important feature inside "Car Boy Tuning & Forward Correction" is the Reset to Factory Defaults. You should do that - and then never look back, you don't need these settings.



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Ok, I just read this:


To prevent injuries caused by speeding, Airwheel sets a maximum speed. When the speed exceeds 12km/h, the front end of the pedal will rise gradually and when the speed exceeds 16km/h, the pedal will pose a 10° angle to the leveling surface, which stop you from inclining further to accelerate.

Anyone know a way to turn this off? Or raise the limit a bit?

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Ok.. as a V8f rider I’ll add to this.  First, I would suggest you calibrate the wheel using the app. To do this, power the wheel on…then holding the spin kill button, tilt the wheel forward so it balances, upright on the forward part of the shell. ( there are YouTube vids of this that shows you how ) .. Second.. if you have the pedals set to soft setting 0%, you will definitely feel the angle of the pedals changing as you accelerate, brake and turn. On the full hard setting 100% the stay at the angle you set in the App…until you hit tilt back speed. 

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