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KingSong KS16X 1554Wh (+ Bodyguard + Fast charger) 1600€, Finland, Europe

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I have decided to sell my 16X to a new home, where it would hopefully get to ride more often.


About the wheel:

Overall: The wheel has seen relatively little use. I've ridden approximately 500 km on it. (I will check the exact distance on EUC world once I get back to my wheel) The wheel works perfectly and is in an overall good condition.

Purchase information: Purchased at 1RadWerkstatt (Germany), on September 2019 at price of 2094€.

Case: There are some scrape marks on the top back side of the wheel near the charging ports due to a stand still fall last year. There are also some wear near the pedal and pedal hinge area due to normal use. No cracks or breaks anywhere.

Tire: Tire is most likely of type CX321 (from first batch, with the green line around the tire). Holds air well and has many miles to go.

Controller: This is a first batch wheel, but the controller has been replaced by a newer version by the vendor on spring of 2020. The original controller suffered from a fault where the left RGB strip was malfunctioning. I don't know which version the current controller is but I assume it is either 1.4 or 1.5.

Battery: The battery pack is well maintained and in a good condition. No signs of any ill-effects. The pack has never been discharged below 30% and is usually charged to 80% or 90%. Maximum charge current has been 3A. Wheel has always been stored in room temperature.

Extra: The wheel comes with a wonderful blue/black Roll.nz bodyguard and a 1RadWerkstatt branded fast charger.

Optional extra: I'd also like to give away a blue POC Cortex flow helmet (size L), some Wosame branded elbow and knee guards and a pair of brand new Gyroriderz gloves (version 2, size M). Including these to the purchase will not affect the asking price. I'd really like to just give them away with the wheel.


About the purchase:

Asking price: 1600€

Location: Helsinki / Tampere, Finland

Pickup: I am a bit reluctant to ship the wheel as there are many things that can go wrong. Therefore I would greatly appreciate if you had the possibility to meet in person and pick up the wheel. I will happily let you inspect the wheel and test drive it.


I really like the 16X. The range is amazing, it handles well and it goes fast. I have however figured out that what I use my EUCs mostly for is commuting. Since I travel almost daily between cities by train and ride only short distances, the 16X is a bit overkill for my use case. Hopefully it will be able to be located into a loving home where it will experience many more riding hours with it's new owner. :) 


Feel free to send me a private message if you got interested and/or require more information.




Optional extra:







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