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MCM5 for beginners?

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My partner didn't want me to get an EUC but I wore him down with @Marty Backe's MTen3 videos (thanks Marty). Decided to buy the MTen3 (84v, 512 Wh) without a final consultation and texted him the news. Response was "get me one too".

I figured getting a second MTen3 was a wasted opportunity to try a different wheel. Requirements were that the second wheel should be able to keep up with the MTen3 for speed and range and be easy to lug around in a backpack. Settled on the MCM5 as better value (for our purposes) than the V8F. Got the 800Wh (sorry Marty) and the seller assures me it's the one that comes with a 2.5" tyre fitted.

Both now in transit (yay!) but re-reading some threads, Marty says a few times that the MCM5 is not for beginners. Is this solely because it has a lot of power that is easy to engage by accident? Is setting tiltback at a lowish speed a good way to deal with this? I know the MTen3 is considered a bit trickier for learning on too but we're fine with spending some time getting the skills down, just want to be safe while we're doing it (two sets of protective kit also in transit).

We'll be practising in the local park, miles of tarmac paths and acres of smooth mown grass, lots of fences to cling onto.

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Regarding the MCM5, I only say "not for beginners" because it can be a super-nimble wheel which is not the best experience when learning. You tend to want a more stable wheel, if you have the choice. Those comments are a couple years old and I have now learned through observation that people can learn on absolutely any wheel. Where there's motivation there's success.

I do think that the Mten3 may be the easiest wheel to learn on although all the skills wont translate totally to a more traditionally sized wheel.

Congratulations on both wheels. They are great wheels in unique ways. I guarantee that you'll be having a lot of fun with the Mten3 once you become "one with the wheel". Just be patient and you'll get there. We all sucked at the beginning :laughbounce2: 


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