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The knobbiest knobby - 16 Inch

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Guinea pig time! I am excited to share with the forum that the knobbiest EUC knobby tyre I have ever seen has been shipped out and is on its way to me. 

If all goes well, this is supposed to fit a 16x or Nikola. Was wondering if the tire/tyre wizards out here in this forum can share what to expect in terms of reduced mileage and traction on smooth surfaces. 


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Knobby tyres are in! Fingers crossed it fits 🤞🏻

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@meepmeepmayer - to the tire forum please :)

@Tinkererboi love it!

We always want to know:

  1. What type of surface is it best at, that the original tire sucks at? (I suspect grass and gravel... but mud and sand will still be difficult.)
  2. Can you carve confidently on pavement with it?

Hopefully you'll find out soon ;)

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