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New V10F: strong tire smell


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Hi! I just got an Inmotion V10F and the wheel has a very strong odour out of the box.

It's strong enough that I'm uncomfortable being in the same room it is currently charging in. Opening the window helps but not much.
In your experience, is the smell dissipating or not after some time?
As a result, where do you keep your V10 or V10F?

I wonder about two workarounds:

  • Are there ways to get rid of the smell quicker, like by cleaning it?
  • What about car products like tire shines, an alternative like this or any coating that would stay on the tire: could it provide a layer of isolation so the rubber doesn't keep degassing bad smell and VOCs (which is air pollution and can be unsafe to breathe depending on amount)

I'm asking here because some bicycle tires I have lost their smell quickly while others don't change.
As-is I won't be able to keep the wheel indoors, and if I keep it in the basement instead there won't be a way to charge it.

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ive had over 20 wheels.... never once have any of them had a noticeable smell unless i literally put my nose right on it so thats really weird... better hope its just the tire lol.. i suggest just riding it, it will heat up the tire and other components and make them off gas much quicker plus being outside and having air flow around everything it will probably be totally fine after riding half hour

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10 minutes ago, mrelwood said:

A few spare tires I’ve bought have been of an exceptionally smelly rubber. My ex had a bad case of odour hypersensitivity, so combining a few internet tips and through trial and error I found a cure:

DIY tire shampoo & leave-on conditioner:

2 dl / 1 “cup” of cold water
2 tblsp vinegar
2 tblsp vegetable glycerin
2 tsp baking soda
- Mix well in a bowl/cup until hissing stops, and add
1 ml dish washing liquid

- Mix gently and pour into a spray bottle (used household cleaner etc). Wait for a while before closing the bottle to prevent foaming through the nozzle.

Scrub the tire throughout with an old dish brush and an ample amount of the above shampoo. Wet the tire once more by spraying it throughout, and leave to dry.

i wonder if they normally clean the tires in some way before assembling an euc.. because a couple of times i have bought spares and there was a waxy residue coating the tire, im assuming some sort of release agent on them that made them ridiculously slippery at first, maybe they normally wash or do something to them to get rid of that, but they didnt in this case?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thank you all for the advice and reassuring words!

I'm happy to report that after 11 days and 315 km ridden, the V10F tire smell went down by a lot

First I had to learn to ride and then I did on tarmac, gravel, forest path, some mud, accidental torrential rain and it has decreased gradually with use and time.
It's still here and can be noticed but a lot lower, I can stay in the same room now with the window closed.

I haven't tried to clean the tire and apply some kind of coating (like conditioner) yet but I plan to eventually.

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