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E+ battery rattles?


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My old E+ have been laying around and now the neighbour kid wants to learn on it, which is good news.

Last year I fixed all the sharp corners in the battery compartment and peeled off the back of the stickers so it would hold in place. This didn't last long as I now hear it rattle when going over a bump. It was sold this way, but with sharp corners on top.

Do I need to worry? I'll get some more double sided tape and stick it down, but wanted to check it had to be done in a hurry. I find it weird they where sold this way in the first place, but such it is apparently. Didn't find a whole lot when searching about this.

To cut it short, do all E+ batteries rattle since the sticky tape wasn't used?

Thanks for any input.


edit: Found quite a bit of info here, I'll have to add it more mainly.
Hope the neighbour kid dont shake ut too much until I can get some stuff for an overhaul.

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This will cause an issue if you wreck hard enough or often enough. The tabs that hold the pad over the battery could break and then every time you jump off, fall off, or it otherwise hits the ground the battery will bounce against the pad piece and come out of the wheel. Not really great for the lithium to be banging and sliding on pavement.

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