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eWheels V10 5 amp fast charger and the new V11

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33 minutes ago, AtlasP said:

Fantastic, ordered. (I'll have it before I have my V11, heh.)

That wording is super interesting. I'm assuming you connected both pins on both adapters, which makes it work either/any way and which would be really smart in the present context. Although I guess one might have to worry about using it with some hypothetical future wheel where those pins should very much not be connected.

You are correct. The pins are connected on both ends. I should add a label to future adapters.  If InMotion  ended up using pin 2 + pin 3 -  on the same connector they would cause lots of trouble for themselves. You could damage an InMotion wheel with an InMotion Charger.  

Don't Use with RockWheel! 

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