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Your longest ride by time/mileage - discussion on long rides


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Hey guys, some information first: Since I taught myself ride EUC, it has been two years. And recently I am teaching my 8-year old son to ride EUC for like 2 weeks, although it is another topic.

Years ago as soon as I 'thought' I know how to ride, it was usually short plays, not more than 10 minutes, until recently. I am also into cycling, then I was wondering if it is possible to ride along with road bikes. I am a photographer and sometime I did shots for my riding club, so sometimes I bring my Z10 on a car. The Z10 is only an 'easier way' instead of walking around if I want to grab some shots, especially when I was left alone, I can move from point A to B without walking.

My first long ride was in a mountain with asphalt road. It was a 10km uphill in general, with some downhills. It was under control and totally safe with helmet and I thought my average speed is around 20km/h, so 20-30 minutes. However my leg and foot muscle were so exhausted, afterall this was my first time long ride in the wild.

Today, I tried again. It was only a 5km ride, and I was speeding along with a peloton at 30km/h, on flat roads. Road condition was perfect. The only problem was high speed wobbling/oscillation when the speed was up to more than 28km/h. I just reduced the speed and lock up my legs and try to held it, and that's why I cam here today to check this issue. Thanks to the forum, the conclusion is more practice.

So now, the question:

  • What is your comfortable long ride with EUC by time/mileage (because the speed may vary), and what is your opinion of a proper range of that?

The reason for my asking, is to set a baseline of the riding time. I know practice makes perfect, but some idea would be good. At least I know my position during my development. With a good trained/practised rider, the journey should be relaxed, and comfortable. However we do get tired, imaging just standing there for 2 hours!

Another question is, anyone here tried riding with road bikes during a whole session? For those not familiar with the cycling, a road bike average speed varies, but genearlly a well trained rider can do 30-35km/h on flat roads for hours. 25km/h should be easy enough. 35-40km/h will be a hard push. We did 80km-100km for one day club riding, for fun and no competition. 200km is quite long ride. Of course, my Z10 can do 80km but I never tried that. So If I can do 50km with them, that will be fun enough for me - if my body can handle that - which is the main question in this thread. Usually I have to use a car anyway with the EUC so it can be flexiable.

For now myself, I think following with a road bike peloton is quite a push because I have this high speed wobbling issue. But for a good EUC rider here, I guess joining the peloton even over taking your friends on the bikes should be easy enough? Or do you feel it will be a difficult job? Let's say flat roads only, because for uphill EUC wins completely, for downhill, it is too dangerous since bike can do 50-60km/h easily with a good breaking system.

Thanks and if the topic has been discussed, a reference link is great!


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well every new wheel i get i do a full range test, 100+ km is not unusual without ever even dismounting, and ive done 200+ km in a day more than once.. if youre exhausted after 30 mins then you just dont have enough experience, most experienced riders would actually consider 40 km/h to be quite slow and relaxed, you should not have any wobble at any speed on any euc, if you do its purely lack of experience or muscle fatigue either in general or on that particular vehicle... and an euc since it does not require any sort of pedaling motion from you, you can stand stick straight, will actually ride straighter than any bicycle could.. in the summer i can easily ride for 6 or more hours a day and feel no pain or fatigue.

high speed wobble is especially dangerous and can take out even the most seasoned riders, if you are getting it you are not experienced enough yet with that wheel and you need to slow down and very slowly work your way up at a pace you feel comfortable with, you shouldnt ever attempt to ride out wobbles, you should immediately slow down

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I haven't ridden with road bikes, but I'd say (looking at my ride logs) that a good, comfortable average distance and time is 35 miles/56 km in two and a half hours.  That averages out to about 15mph/24kph in motion average, with a couple short breaks.  I can easily do a ride like this every day, comfortably.  On clean pavement I like to ride in the high 20's, but will ride in the 30's as well.

I think riding with bikes with these #'s in mind could work quite well in theory - but I'd prefer to ride with other electric vehicles, and (I'd think) road bikers might prefer that as well!

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Thanks for the great experience! Much appreciated!

Yes to be exact, this was my first ride at full speed, because the road condition in downtown area just makes it impossible. I am glad that there is hope to get rid off the high speed wobbling. I need to practice more. After enough mileage I hope I can have fun with my cycling friends - well in my area there is very few EUC riders, not speaking of high speed seasoned ones!

I am in Shanghai, China. If anyone is nearby maybe we can get connected!



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