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IPS i5 firmware update


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I just got an IPS i5. I know it's an underpowered and old wheel, but still really fun :)


Unfortunately I have the 5.0.7 firmware which means that the beep starts at 18 km/h and tiltback at 20 km/h. I know that the newer firmware has the beep around 20 km/h, and just 2 km/h more would be really nice! I got the Android app from iamips.com, but I can't update the firmware (does not connect to server). Anybody know of a solution? Is it possible to get the firmware "file" and update manually?

I know this is not the most popular wheel, but any help would be really appreciated :)



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The BMS somehow is able to tell the controller what batteries it has installed and the speed is limited to the battery back size you have.

I beleive that there are different BMS's in each battery pack so there is no way to trick the unicycle into going faster even if you have the 244Whr/288Whr with 21700 batteries....

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I don't think there is an easy way to update the firmware. It seems the app is trying to connect to a web service at http://app.iamips.com:8000/service/ipsservice.asmx?wsdl but the server appears to be down. So getting the file is a problem.

As to how it possibly could be done.. I have decompiled the iamips app to see if there are any clues. If I understand correctly, the app first downloads a file called "blue_ips_bootloadable.cyad" into a directory called "IamIPS" on the users phone and then interprets the file and sends the data to the I5. Now, I think the part "blue" in the filename refers to bluetooth, which made me wonder if this is a file to update only the bluetooth part but so far I haven't found any other filenames mentioned in the code. So maybe that's the firmware file? Who knows.. Maybe someone who has updated their I5 in the past still has the file on their phone.

Indeed the wheel firmware seems to have information on which battery capacity option you might have on your wheel. What I am not sure about is whether it actually gets this information from BMS or is it just a value set on the controller by a vendor using some sort of debug app. I might not remember exactly as I don't have my I5 with me right now, but it might be possible to set the capacity programmatically. If the wheel indeed uses (does it?) the capacity information for determining maximum speed, it makes me wonder if anything happens if you rewrite a bigger value on the current one. I would practice caution however when tinkering with this sort of stuff.

The firmware accepts new max speed settings gladly but they don't seem to have much effect. I set my I5 max speed to 30 kph but understandably the wheel makes the decision how fast it wants to travel. :)  

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