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Errorcode 10 es2

Olivier Swaelens

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after i flashed my firmware today a couple of minutes later my scooter got error10.

ive had this before during riding but it was gone after a reboot. This time its different, my power button doesnt work, so the scooter stays on, bluetooth can kinda connect, when i connect with bluetooth, the scooter beeps but then it fails on my phone. I started trouble shooting and im at the point ive dissasembled my battery&controller&dashboard. 
the scooter wont turn off unless i disconnect the battery from the controller, when i reconnect them nothing happens, when i then push the power button the scooter beeps and after a couple of seconds then error10 pops on again, and again powerbutton doesnt work. 

on the controlboard where the cabble(black yellow green red, runs from below the powerbutton on the dash to the controllboard) is het red led thats continuesly on. Pleas help, should i buy a new controller? Or dash? 

here a picture of the controller and dash


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