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POC Coron Air Carbon Spin

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Anyone have it? How comfortable is it? Ever crash in one?

Currently have a Demon Podium /w MIPS and thinking of upgrading to the the POC Coron Air Carbon Spin ($450).

Price is no issue. I don't mind paying $500-$1,000 ,so if there are any good ones, would appreciate your thoughts.

I'm nowhere near the experts or daredevils here, so I don't really think it really matters. But the more I pay, the more likely I am to wear one.

I usually wear a non full-face POC Crane but now starting to approach 20 mph after about 150 miles on my King Song 16X, after putting in 180 miles on my King Song 16S which I learned from scratch. 

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I have it and I like it.  It's very comfortable and light weight, and one of the few helmets that fit my enormous noggin.

If you live some place hot and humid like Florida, I'd recommend a helmet with more ventilation.  But for coastal California weather, the ventilation through this helmet is good enough, and I like the style and protection it offers.

I crashed once, but my helmet never touched the pavement.

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Thanks for your input @Jeffrey Rennie!

I ended up getting a Bell Full 9 Carbon since it got very good reviews around comfort. 

To each their own even they don't wear helmets, but I can't think of a reason not to get a top of the line helmet and wear it all the time. 



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