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MSP speed version and MSP torque version, battery interchangeable?

Marc Roberts

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I’ve not seen a lot of noise about the 2000W MSP speed version, but from what I can find the specs are identical except for the motor. 

I have the 2500W torque version but am discovering that at times I’m hitting 5 beeps without really pushing it and would feel more comfortable with a little overhead. 

Would it simply be a case of take the battery out of my wheel and putting it into the battery-less shell of the speed version? Or would you just try and source the 2000W motor and swap that instead?

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Batteries are the same on high speed and high torque, you should be able to just swap them over.

The high speed and high torque use diffrent firmware that are specialized for each motor. You should not run a high speed motor on high torque firmware.

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the only difference between the wheel is the motor and the firmware, speed version has the same "old" 2000w motor from msx .

you'll lose some power and get more top speed, around 8-10 km/h more

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