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FS : Gotway Nikola, V8 - Canada

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I would have either a 84 or a 100v nikola for sale. Wanted to try both and will keep the one that doesn't sell

The 84v has a matte shell and many scratches. Comes with new motherboard that will prevent lights and fan to stay open when wheel is powered off.

2100w battery 1400usd$

The 100v is in perfect condition. Very minimal scratches. 3amp charger. 1845w battery 1700usd


And an inmotion V8. With protective cover. 500kms total. 700usd



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I have two Niks one 84v, 2100w with18650cell

And a Nik+ 100v 1845w, also with 18650 cells that don't burst into flames.

Don't know which one I prefer

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On 6/26/2020 at 2:26 PM, Eric plam said:

(And because I'm a wheel freak, I also have a few others wheels that I might be open to sell, like a ks16x and a gotway 100v Nikola)

I'm looking for a used EUC in Canada. How much are you asking for the 16x and 100v Nikola? Sorry, I couldn't PM you.



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Hi Eric. I know this is an old thread, yet do you still have your 2100wh Nik? I'm interested in one. If not, or you want to keep it, could you tell me about the wheel. I like the Niks and would like a bit of range. What performance, distance, cruising style/type, speed, etc. do you get? What, in your opinion, do you think the wheel is best suited for. Your likes and dislikes. Its tough to find any user experience/information on this wheel. Thanks and peace from Maine...Guy

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Hi Guy

I still have the Nikola. In fact I have two. That 84v, 2100wh and a 100v 1845wh

I plan on to selling one and keep the other.

The Nikola is by far my favorite wheel , so far, and I have tried them all except the monster and the newer with suspension.

I'm waiting until next week to receive a new control board for the 84v. It works, but the lights won't shut down except by disconnecting the batteries. Does the job, but is an hassle to open and unplug once every now and then.

The shell is mate black with a lot of scratches.


Or I have a quite new 100v. Amazing too. That one is in perfect condition. Just the Gotway sticker went off, like on all the Nikolas.

Let me know




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