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Need a self balancing scooter for a kid


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Have a look at the Ninebot Mini.  It's a little different than those other ones having a knee control stick.  There are 2 models the regular and the pro version.  I think the regular one would be good for a kid and doesn't cost too much.  The Ninebot is probably a more polished product than those generics and the price difference isn't that much.  Plus the company is a well known one and will probably stand behind it's product and have higher quality parts inside battery motor etc...


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14 hours ago, claudiab77 said:

Wow! Thanks a lot for all the advices. Now I will have a BIG problem to choose one ;))

Just a TOY, choose one comfirmtable, and safety items might be better. SERIOUSLY,pls choose the items after test.

Cuz there is lots of dark-factory out there, I'm turely worry about the project.

Li-bettery,High magnification bettery. As our factory test, not safety enough ...

40% Chinese bettery can not hold the power,once you have an crash, or after you used for an while.

you always get what you pay for, right?


Just an suggest, you can second check the market. We want to shape a brand,called Free man,

but we recieve more than 10 inquiry everyday for Chinese bettery...Of cause, we rejected...

I turely worry about these buyer.


Anyway, choose an items you kids like, is more important.






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Try HoverMadness.com .   They are an Amazon Discount Reseller.  Lots to choose from.  Site is new but is currently undergoing major being re-design to be launched soon with the intention of being like ScooterMadness.com but for Self Balance Boards and ALL things that hover.  ...Nedless to say, there are very high expectations for this website!

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Just found this site and find it very interesting and some information really helpful.  I personally purchased 2 units from these listings, 




Both units are very well built and the seller ships out the boards super fast, same day as I order from California.  Highly recommend them.  

Oh, remember look for the seller "BeamBaa" too, as I see there are some other sellers follow their listings.  When I message them, they say they ship from different countries and claim "can arrive before Christmas and no import duties" for merchandises worth over $400 and with economy shipping from postal office.

Hope my experience can help some fellow members for their Christmas shopping and I just purchase another one from them for my kid this Christmas too :D.



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Hi guys I would gladly like to contribute to this subject and also give you a reason why you should check this one out. 

It has the highest top speed of 15 mph, very good quality and since this is for a kids... It has 3 different user-levels. 

Your kid can ride it at the entry level(1), but the best part is the whole family can enjoy it and your kid won't outgrow it! We actually made an extensive review about the robot turbo here http://www.hands-free-segway.reviews/self-balancing-scooter/reviews/robotturbo-review-best-hoverboard/.

Hope you find what you want but I can surely recommend the above product. It is the best/funniest device we've tested so far and it has an incredible recharge time of 50 minutes which is good when you have kids. Mine are 8 & 10 and they both love riding it our oldest rides it at level 2 now.

Good luck in choosing the right product for your kid!

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