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Make your EUC look like a folding bike


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I'm thinking of a slip over cover with "folding Bicycle" written on it. NY suburban trains permit "folding bicycles" but not e-vehicles. Regular bicycles are permitted off peak only.  take the cover off, put it in your backpack, or pocket. all you would see is the bottom of the wheel, and a hole for the trolley handle.


iron-on letters saying " King-Song Folding Cycle" or something like that. 


KingSong now has a patch to shut of the beeping in the 18L/XL, so getting on a train or elevator does not raise suspicion.

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Find a soft but firm square bag with corners.  flip it over and cut a slot in the middle, spray paint it to look like a suitcase  or suitcase cover and use the trolly handle through it.  With the right size bag you won't even see the wheel underneath.  Other option is very big back pack.

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