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Ryszard's suspension conversion mod for V10


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Guys I'm not sure if this was posted somewhere else but I felt I had to post it in case. The implementation of this, considering it's a bolt on conversion, is simply beautiful. Using a common type air shock (as per S18) makes this is fantastically tunable conversion. With enough pressure, maybe, just, we could get Ryszard to create kits for the most popular wheels...bags I get the 1st one for the MSX :)

I don't think it employs rising rate but it should work at least as well as the V11 and for a home made conversion that could potentially be adapted for many wheels I am gobsmacked. Even the pedals fold correctly! Massive props to Ryszard for this :clap3:




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That was a nice demo. It looked like a blend of the S18 and V11 added as an accessory.

I would like to see it licensed to major aftermarket builders so it can be adapted to all the popular models and so that we could order them from eWheels, Speedy Feet, etc. It would make great aftermarket accessory just like the seats and covers, etc.

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