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MSuper V3S+ new case anywhere? Alternative case?


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Anyone know where I can find a replacement case for my V3S+?  Will a MSX case work (I'm thinking no because of physical batter shape)?

I didn't find it on Ali Express, and the usual stores in Canada, US and Europe, so I was wondering if anyone happened to see one.

Had a fall down a tree-rooted bumpy trail hill.  I'm OK, but my shell is done.


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This is common issue for the MSV3 series, and thus MSX too (as it's basically the same), and Monster shells, due to the very thin, and unsupported plastic screw anchors breaking.

If I were you, I would just drill the top and insert bolts at strategic places, to anchor the 2 shell sides (as this is what I did with my Monster). Even if you did buy a new shell, enough drops or hard enough a drop will cause the same issue all over again, due to the inherent design flaw.

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