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Shure SE215 Earphones

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I have been using the Shure SE215 earphones for two months now while riding EUC, and I am really happy with them. Bought them used. I am quiet picky when it comes to sound, but for the price of these I am very impressed! They also have great passive sound isolation. I don't know exactly how much they block out, but I would guess somewhere around 25 db. It is very noticeable, and it pretty much blocks out all the wind noise, going PEV speed. The way the wire goes above your ear, makes it easier to put on a full-face helmet, than it is with most earphones. Since they have wire, you don't need to worry about them falling out, when you take off your helmet. They are comfortable to use, even with a full-face helmet.

I have only used them while riding, so I can't comment on how good they are for everyday use.

If you are looking for a good set of earphones to use under your helmet, you can't go wrong with SE215. I highly recommend them!

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Are you kidding me? Wearing foam plug (noise isolating) earphones when you need to hear your surroundings for warnings and danger is suicide. Worst advice ever. 

I own Shure SE530; i’m speaking from real life experience. 

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I could see this being nice for longer cruises definitely. Obviously if your cruising around the city with lots of traffic, pedestrians and what not you don't want to plug your ears. At the same time sometimes there is so much noise that it can be a bit overwhelming and it's nice to tone it down a bit. Thanks for posting.

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I believe the Shure SE series are intended for in-ear monitoring for musicians live. At least that is where I know them from and how I use mine. While I love my SE425s, I am pretty much completely deaf while wearing them. -37dB is quite a lot. It means you can hear what you are doing at a pleasant volume while standing right to a drummer.

To me it sounds dangerous to wear them while riding, but I never have anything in my ears while out in traffic, so what do I know...

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