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Tyre pressures


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This has probably been covered before, but I can't find anything obvious.....

When I was out yesterday, my EUC felt a bit off - a feeling I'm used to with a soft tyre on a mountain bike.

Checked pressure this morning & sure enough it was sitting just below 20PSI.

I checked the tyre & it's marked as recommended 40PSI, so I duly pumped it up.

My EUC is now a completely different animal at very low speeds - it's all over the place ! Probably as my contact patch has now become a lot smaller, but it's massively less stable.

What do people run their tyre at (I'm on a 14", so don't know if this makes any difference?).

I suppose equally, this is a top tip for people just starting out as well - lower your tyre pressure to 20PSI for a few days - it makes getting going that much easier ! :)



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Eucs are notorious for being delivered to customers with extremely low psi. 

Ive never ridden a 14incher (no sniggers at the back please) so I'll leave that to someone else but yeah on a 16inch Ninebot you want it between 40 and 55 psi. 

Although, as you say, it feels harder at first with a larger tyre pressure. The benefits are that it's more manoeuvrable for sharp turns and tricks once your skill level is up.

Also the higher the tyre pressure the higher the 'efficiency' - in other words you're going to get more range out of your battery.

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good question, because it's safety related: tire pressure should be adapted to load (weight, driving style) and speed, just like a car tire

I have a 16" IPS, at 4 bar (58psi), becaus I weigh 100kg+ clothes backpack this is around total 110kg

If you're just starting, around 3 bar is probably better, it's less hard over bumps and pits, and less nervous

Be aware the first time you give it a lot more pressure, that on loose undergrounds like sand you'll have less traction (corners)

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