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1 hour ago, EUC Addict said:

I'm aware of at least 20+ riders on the West Coast that are excited about receiving their Monster Pro. In addition, Marty said he was planning to buy one after riding EUCO's demo Monster Pro. I'm not alone. :)

My order was canceled last week by Chicway after paying and ordering it in August. Their excuse was they felt like it was too "risky to ship being it had many issues".

Im sure the other reason is they weren't comfortable with the discounted price we agreed upon in August. Huge hassle getting my money back.. (never again)

What a drag, looks like I will start over to get this wheel, if I even want it now...

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Rumors are starting to come at a fast rate for this new Gotway wheel. Until today I had not heard the wheel size. 24-inches! Otherwise, I think the consensus is that it'll have lots of batteries

Gotway employee rode the Monster Pro 541 miles from Gotway factory to San Ya City. Rider weighed 132 lbs. and carried a 22 lbs. backpack. His average speed was 18 mph and the ride took him 28.5 hrs. H

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Gotway had a lot of issues, and I'd bet not respecting their customers resulted in not respecting their employees, who eventually left. I wanted a Monster, issues delayed my purchase, and the result of reports is I won't be buying any Be-Goaty / Gotway products.

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2 hours ago, NickNonsense said:

Thinking they they on borrowed time anyway. 

That's unfortunately a strong possibility. While their renound lack of quality kept me from buying one they did drive the market to make faster wheels. I learned a lot from Gotway by them setting examples of "what not to do." The Monster was going to be that "hold your nose and do it" purchase...



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On 2/1/2021 at 11:04 PM, EUC Addict said:

I take no issues with people comparing wheels out of class, I do it myself. Specifically went a ride last week to ride the Monster Pro and Sherman side by side because I wanted to see how they compared; however, I wouldn't use the Veteran as a benchmark for the Monster Pro. The Sherman is not, and cannot be, a standard for wheel that is much larger. I think it would be allowable for the Veteran to be the standard in QC if that were the case. Things that would have universal application to all wheels.

If you haven't had the opportunity to ride both, then I recommend taking the first chance you get. The wheels feel so different. I had never ridden the Sherman prior to stating they wheels weren't in the same class just based on the physics of the wheels, but after riding them side by side I am now utterly convinced they are different enough to where it would be like comparing a Veteran to a King Song 16X (I'm thinking more of how size impacts performance and handling).

Interestingly enough the Sherman is now $3000 at eWheels and the Monster Pro can be purchased for $3400 from FreeMotion, it the gap appears to closing. I'll be curious if the price of the Veteran continues to go up. It's had three price changes since it's come out.

I will soon own both wheels, but as a former Monster V3 owner I didn’t feel the increase in comfort was night and day over a Vet Sherman; and I surmise going to a 24 incher won’t change my mind. 

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Monster Pro firmware update surprises

The firmware update was discovered by accident during Marty Backe’s Monster Pro range test.

For the first 57 miles the Monster Pro (56.6 miles; 87.8v) was performing nearly the same as the Sherman (57 miles; 87.4v). Marty was hoping to hit 100 miles, but by all appearances the Monster Pro looked like it was going to be bested by the Sherman’s smaller battery.

Things took an unexpected turn though on day two. About 20 miles into the ride, Marty noticed the Monster Pro (80.6 miles; 84v) was beginning to pull ahead of the Sherman (79 miles; 81.8v). The surprises didn’t stop there. The Monster Pro (94 miles; 78v) soon surpassed the Sherman (93.5 miles; 75.8v) range test. (Read more)

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1 hour ago, EUC Addict said:

For the first 57 miles the Monster Pro (56.6 miles; 87.8v) was performing nearly the same as the Sherman (57 miles; 87.4v)

I don't know what the conditions were for the Sherman test but day 1 of the Monster Pro run was pretty windy. Wind and range do not get along.

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