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Suspension wheels with power pads: Is that possible?

Finn Bjerke

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I made this of cheapo foam it works extremely well, production price 5 USD or so. Now suspension wheels are a game changer is power pads at all possible when the yo-yo principle is added to your legs while driving?  I still believe you can have a tunnel for the legs but friction should not be too big else your pants will move about in a very annoying way.  I just love the powerpads Ive copied the shape from our Russian friends - If tunnekl is too big its not good. I need room for my very long knee protectors.  Inmotions v11 pedals will travel  which is an interesting challenge when you just love powerpads:

My solution is probably Yoga blocks on the part of the wheels that are not moving - maybe the whole idea is to dangerous becouse its too unstable to have "yo-yo legs" and powerpads at the same time ?

we will see.

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Good luck getting pads to work very well with a format like the v11. More likely possible on the s18. As you can see, the v11 only has the middle strip that doesnt move separately. My guess is that we will soon see scuffs on the v11 where boots/shoes slide up and down along the carbon fiber looking plastic. I'd imagine keeping those narrow centered channels clean will be a good idea as its a contact/slide point. I wouldnt see any problem putting power pads at the very top, tho you wont have much before you enter that upper curve and is of little use. Hopefully the s18 doesnt even need much for pads, as Kuji had a hand in its pad design. Putting power pads on a part that doesnt move with your feet, seems a total disaster in comfort and use imho. A hopeful person would assume both new designs may not even need power pads. If the pads are on the same parts that move with your feet, 'yo-yo legs' isnt really a concern.We shall see...

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Thx for interesting viewpoints Shane.  The pads should be one the moving part which is a challenge. Inmotion should ring me about Inmotion v12.

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