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Ninebot Mini Pro - Part Needed

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I sent my Mini Pro to a friend's beach house (I couldn't go) and some newbs jumped off while letting it sail into boulders. Their apology was to say that it should stop on it's own when they bail. I kinda agree, but it would take ages for it to be able to slow down. The weight of the stick portion just isn't enough to allow it to make rapid changes in speed without a rider.

Anyhow, I think all I really need to get it going again is the upright portion where the display and switch is. What is that part called, and do you know what websites I might go to find it?

It's not at my house at the moment so I can't grab a photo. I'm told it's accepting a charge at least.

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This is the board I need I think:

Unit takes a charge and shows red light while charging, and green when completed. Will not respond pressing the power button and will not display battery level on the LCD. I believe the cabin took the direct hit.


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Well, replacing the cabin assembly (~$40) fixed my Segway. The headlight doesn't work, but it's probably a pinched or loose wire. Kinda pointless anyhow.

Some of the mounts for the footpads are broken too, but enough are intact that it doesn't seem to be a problem.

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