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Speedway 3 project, need help!

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So I am 2 years into my Speedway 3, and while there are plenty of newer and faster models on the market I still love this thing (although I am VERY tempted to grab something else.....). I have recently been thinking about ways to make it better, and I came up with some ideas. The problem is there doesn't seem to be much, or any, information or forums available on this particular machine so I am kind of stuck.

I never use the built in light, or the turn signals, and rarely use the horn. What I would like to do is re-wire all those components into a new box that has a proper, LOUD horn and a loudspeaker that is hardwired into a handheld mic. Think the kind of device a police car has, but obviously much smaller. Is this possible?? How much power is being diverted to the electronics, separate of the motor? I obviously don't want to mess with the drive train, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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