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Constant Beep On Hoverboard

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Hi Folks, 

I have a problem with my daughters hoverboard.

She had a go of it on some grass, one of the wheels started spinning like mad but got no traction and it was having a big old beeping moment for not being level, this only went on for about 20 seconds or so before I got her to come off it. 

Now, every time it turns on it has a constant shrill beep and the red light flashes continously on the top.

I have tried to do the reset/calibrate trick by holding down the power button but this does not seem to have any affect. I have taken the casing off to check the wires and I cannot see anything that has come loose.

Any ideas of what I can do? It seems to be that the gyro needs reset but like I say, the way of holding down the button when turning on has had no effect.  When I am holding down the power button (no matter how long I hold it, the lights at the front continously flash out of sync with each other.

Thanks for any advice you might have


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