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Finn Bjerke

Perfect power and braking pad is Russsian design: Testing homemade foam pads

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The De luxe version from russia is the best shape far superior to other shapes I have made and testet:  Today I made foam pad prototypes. 

ON the photo youll see the pads I know to be on the marked:

1. Kingsong new pad (80 USD) (blue euc 18 " KS
2. The Russian De luxe pad (120 USSD)  GW MSX
3. My stooooopåid Frisbbe pad  on MCM5
4. My cheapo Foam copy of the russian pad  on MSX
5. EUC guys "Foot-sole pad" 

Do not but the kingsong product - pay the russians or make the shape youssef. Its much more balanced and can easily be made by the sort of foam used for knee protecting workers. Its dirt cheap foam and good enough for 

1. EUC guys desing is 1927948431_Skrmbilledefra2020-05-1921-21-24.thumb.png.d7f20b3ab7c256a2fe81c0cc636e34ef.png

Skærmbillede fra 2020-05-19 21-12-31.png

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I like. Is very smart to buy $300 in pad to throw away and make from knee foam. I find at construction location and use same straps--save on cost of tape. Smell like old person's foot but is good for price.


Also: Kuji Pads


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Posted (edited)

3/4" epdm foam (11psi) fits snuggly under a rollNZ cover. Cover keeps it on and only requires minimal double stick tape because of traction between the surfaces and pressure of the cover(cheap and easy to remove or adjust with tape, tho caution with rubberized coated wheels).Doesnt even have to look good when a cover hides it!  Not very deep, but its enough. I found that my legs dont touch the wheel above the ankle, until near the top anyhow. Its also nice to have 2 pieces, as i can customize the angles. After checking and testing for a while, I honestly don't know how a (one sized fits all) solid pad setup, would be ideal, as it REALLY does matter where you place your feet and what angles YOU prefer. I dont know how/if this could apply to an uncovered wheel.* comfort at speed and downhill braking are much better with the pads, but I'm trying to do w/o them for a little longer. The hardest part BY FAR, was removing the old pad's glue from the shell. Epdm is pretty solid, the neoprene makes it softer and still comfy with minimal pad down the middle.




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