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34 minutes ago, stephen said:

Thanks @stephen 😁 @skyflyer I am at your service. Yes, our not for profit organisation rideables.org (PLEVUK Limited) would like to have a conversation with you. 

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There is no logic to it. With EUC I have found my passion. It has got me out of the house and has been the best treatment for my depression yet. It’s so upsetting following this process.

Chief Inspector Al Barby said: "While these may seem like fun and environmentally-friendly ways of getting around, these vehicles can be dangerous to other road users as well as to the riders themselv

This way they get only inexperienced riders who dont care about the equipment, and after accidents and vandalism, they can call the experiment a failure and ban e-scooters in favour of cars. (Never mi

On 6/13/2020 at 6:16 PM, rinzler said:

Updating the UK BEIS consultation link for those who want it.


I'm hopeful we can ride on the pavement at a respectable speed (like jogging speed). The roads of London seem to dangerous to me for a EUCs. I was using my electric scooter for a long time on the pavement (riding sensibly of course, and having years of experience on a kick scooter). The proliferation of escooters (and more powerful ones) makes me feel like I now will be forced on to the road. The whole purpose behind getting an escooter and EUC was to avoid getting a bike and having to use the roads.

Fingers crossed some logic will prevail.

I'm always surprised to see eskateboarders on the roads. I can't imagine it being comfortable with the crappy road surface!

100% id rather be on the roads.


It’a basically pointless for me otherwise.

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For those that want it, being on the roads should be an option. Insurance and registration included. For those that don't want it, the right of access to cycle paths and off-road trails should also be an option. These vehicles don't pollute, damage or annoy, plus have the potential to be the optimal commuting vehicle. There is no reason why a framework for their implementation can't be drawn up. 

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I was in Cardiff around a month ago catching up with friends and the amount of personal escooters zipping around the parks and the centre was crazy, never seen so many. Never seen police stopping anyone though. A very odd sight.

I can understand boths sides. There are units out there now weighing in at +25kg and are going at speeds of +30mph and when you have that kind of performance it isn't safe riding amongst pedisterians on pavements (imagine a 25kg unit tumbling into a someone, a child at 20/30mph, terrifying!)
Riding on roads is equally as unsafe i think. Sure they may keep up with some slow moving traffic but the units are prone to failure, look how easy it is for these to cut out if you miss the warning beeps or push the unit a little too much or just general componet failure. Being amongst traffic one small mistake and your potientally road kill, its too easy in camparison to other modes of transport

There a time and place for PEVs but i don't think they should be on the road like a motorcycle or amongst perdestians on the pavement. Decidicated bicycle lanes are far and few in many areas right now. 

Another thing to think about is traffic awareness, most of us i feel are at an age where we have serval years of driving behind us and know what to look out for or how to drive safely know our blind spot or how other motorists are likely to react ect and even then we sometimes get it wrong but that experience that a youngster some <18/19 year olds just don't have that and should have something similiar to a CBT test/training that is currently used for mopeds and low powered motorcycles. 

There a lot to think about here to implentment it safely and in a way that be incorparated into our current infrustracture until we can upgrade our built environment to accomandate these new modes of transport. 

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