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Other than marketing I haven't seen reviews on these. I'd think for the price they'd be in huge demand if they did 75% as well as they claimed they would. They made some bold claims, and from an Engineering standpoint things didn't seem to match up with what they were saying. At some point some company is going to pull this off, perhaps it will be them if they're not there yet. Surely there's market interest. 

EyeLights SAS made Captain Rider software that didn't review well which is worrysome. 


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Hi, recently I got several requests about adding support for EyeRide HUD to EUC World app. In fact, EyeRide HUD may be a great extension to EUC World, acting as a HUD display that is mounted to a

I absolutely love the EyeRide concept. It would allow me to forget about wearing my Pebble completely and never have to look down/bring my arm up to see data again. The only issue for me is price. At

Just received shipment tracking link, so I hope to receive my EyeRide within next few days. As I stated, I don't give up the idea. When I get my EyeRide, I'll test it and check if it can be useful for

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