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Hi all, I just got a new MTen3 and am trying to figure out the alarm situation. I ran it for about an hour and a half out of the box to a max of maybe 15-20 mph with no beeping issues. A little while later however it began to give me a set of beeps (not sure if 2 or 3) when I got up to maybe 10-12 mph. No alarms at all going <10mph. I figured it was low battery or something (had 2 lights of 6 on front lit up) so plugged it in to charge for the night. I looked things up on the gotway website and found this chart: http://www.kebye.com/productinfo/371629.html.

Can someone explain what I was possibly hearing when I was riding and what the other alarms listed on the gotway site are (especially the first class and second class alarm) mean. I believe from what I have read is that the 80% alarm (5 beeps per second) is the one where if you hear it, you should definitely slow down otherwise you will wipe out. What happens if I turn alarms off in darknessbot? Will I still get 80% alarm?

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Sounds like you got low battery beeps. Be aware that the alarms are voltage (= battery %) dependent, and the voltage can drop heavily under a demand spike. So you can get low battery alarms far before the wheel shows 15% battery under no-load.

1st and 2nd alarms are just speed alarms at fixed speeds. You can enable/disable them from any app. The 3rd=80% alarm is the one to listen for (as you rightly say) and it is a voltage-dependent speed alarm (alarm speed goes down with the voltage) that cannot be disabled.

There are barely any other beeps (overvoltage mostly).

I believe the DarknessBot alarms are app-related and unrelated to the wheels alarms. Not sure, never used the app. You can always test it by lifting the wheel, tilting it carefully to controlledly speed it up, and listen which alarms appear when (by watching the speed in an app while you lift it).

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I must admit my 80% alarm kicks in earlier compared to battery% than it does on my other wheels. I think you have to remember that due to the form factor of the wheel it takes very little effort from the rider to ask a lot of the wheel. For me it is likely to complain pushing fairly hard going up hill anywhere from 35-40%battery and below. I have the 512/84v 

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