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[Sold] Selling: Newish Tesla v2. Shipping available to 48 states.

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Hello everyone,

So, after having had a chance to test out the entire smaller end of the Gotway lineup, I can say with confidence that the mten 3 and MCM5 are for me. Meaning my Tesla v2 that i just bought earlier this year from eWheels is for sale.

Don't get me wrong, this is a FANTASTIC wheel, but living right in the heart of downtown Walnut Creek, I really don't need to stability, distance, and top speed it offers. 

As you can (hopefully) see from the photos, this thing got pretty decent treatment in the 4 months I've had it. 350+ miles in all. The tread in the tire is just barely broken in. Not a curb jumper, not an offroader. 300 very easy miles with some minor flubs and 0mph when I loaned it out and friends/family got caught off guard I guess. So yes, there are a few dings and scratches on the pedals (fyi upgraded!). Zero mechanical issues. Battery charges to 100% aka 84v. Zero repairs needed or on the horizon. Like I said, just got the wheel in January of this year.

So extras: Yes, the pedals are the larger Nikola pedals. Also, I made my own pads. I've tried lots of different combinations of shapes, but this is the one that worked best for me. I'll give you the stock pads too, but I'm confident you'll like mine better. Made from high density neoprene, then wrapped with durable synthetic leather, then stitched with high strength nylon. Good material for comfort and maneuverability. Also, I used weatherproof velcro to stick on a little satchel just big enough for a drawstring backpack. Lifesaver for me when I forget to bring a backpack for errands. Also put a tire pressure monitor cap on the end of the valve so you don't have to meticulously check the air pressure. These things are great (available on Amazon here if you're curious)

Price is $1,100 (listed on CL/locally for 50 bucks more). Willing to ship but you'll have to pay for eWheels shipping deal (between 40-60 bucks). No PayPal please as they take a hefty cut from the seller and it's a bit too easy to abuse it seems. Money order, cashier's check, or Venmo preferred.

I hope whoever is interested feels confident in me as a seller. I try my best to be communicative, thorough, and easy to work with. Please feel free to poke around my post history here; I've bought a decent amount of used wheels here with no hiccups. Looking to keep that track record going.

ScreenShot of Darknessbot: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1oSyu1SE6dj_bpWygQ8iw5xlVyJGWf8yq




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4 hours ago, Specj said:

I am interested if you can ship it to Florida. 

This forum has locks their direct messages to new users until they have positive (+2) reputation i think (someone correct me if I'm wrong). i'll PM you when you're able to reply.

Yes, I'd be willing to ship it to Florida, but just want to clarify a few things from the original post. You're okay covering the shipping and the PayPal fees (or using Venmo with no fees) right? I'd imagine from CA to FL you're looking at a $60 shipping rate but I can't be sure till i provide your specific address to eWheels.

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17 hours ago, Denny Paul said:

I really don't need to stability, distance, and top speed it offers.

My biggest like about Tesla over MCM5 was the 16" tire and just a touch more pedal/case height.  Handles angled curbs a lot better imho.

If someone is eyeballing this sale, you should jump on it, Tesla is a very pleasant mid-weight wheel!

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1 hour ago, Specj said:

My zip is 33615 if you want to get a shipping quote

message sent. You and I can communicate from here. 

If anyone else would like to express their interest please feel free to do so. Priority will be given to those paying the asking price, then chronologically. Thanks!

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