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Hi guys! Welcome to the exciting world of EUC AVAS!!! This thread has been created to make the most of the very cool AVAS function implemented by @Seba in EUC World's latest release. While the ma

Hello guys. I have been working on a Star Wars sound (podracer, tie fighter...) with sounds extracted from this video ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voLXsWkO2jM&feature=youtu.be (@Ro

...and that's what I'm developong now for next release  AVAS sound packs that can be installed with just a click. Additionally, there will be online library on EUC World website so you can install any

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16 hours ago, AtlasP said:

Ok, who's going to make the Jetsons car soundpack?


I am pretty sure @travsformation said he had something like that brewing..... :w00t2::popcorn:

He is a man of many skills


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I'm diligently working on the sounds for the Jetson car. I pretty much have the startup sound the shutdown sound and the driving sound nailed. Finding it hard to find a good idle sound I should be able to post something later today if not early tomorrow

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19 hours ago, Senjaya said:

I finally sharing soundpack for AVAS inspired by BIG Bike 1000cc 4 Cylinder.

For the speed dependent sound I've made 3 pitches and choose which one suit the best on your taste.

Here is the Link

Thank you @Seba for making AVAS happen.

Nice, looking forward to trying it out! 

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That's interesting.:shock2:

I'm using the euc world app, but I haven't used it all yet because it has a lot of functions. :efefc8626c:

 AVAS sounds fun.I should enjoy AVAS sounds.:roflmao:

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1 hour ago, Dennis said:

Glad I could contribute

I watched the video with AVAS sounds. :thumbup:

You set it up with a funny sound.:roflmao:

Thank you for sharing.:cheers:

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Jet sound @1.50 is pretty close to Euc with no gears :)

quite a nice startup sound right at start of video too, maybe a bit long wait before "take off" though 🙈


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That horse sound pack is just too funny. But the horn is technically a donkey 🤣

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