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What app do you use to play music on Kingsong 16x

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22 minutes ago, Steev1705 said:

I’ve been using the DarknessBot App when riding my KS 16x, but I have no idea how to Bluetooth my music through the EUC.  Any tips would be appreciated.

Go to SETTINGS - VOICE CONTROL and activate BLUETOOTH MUSIC (if it's off) and set the volume to max. Then search for "KING SONG MUSIC" Bluetooth device on your phone and connect to it. 

I don't know Darknessbot. This is the King Song App description. Just check the settings and by the way, your wheel is talking to you. If Bluetooth is deactivated, you will hear BLUETOOTH IS OFF after powering on. :D

Note: Bluetooth Data connection is independent from a Bluetooth Music connection. 

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-Turn on the 16x

-go  to Bluetooth settings in your phone, connect to ‘KingSongMusic’ (this is a separate connection from the DarknessBot connection) You should hear ‘Bluetooth connected’

- Play the music that you have on your phone. 

that’s it. 


(KingSongMusic is the name of the speaker connection on your 16x, not a app)

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I'm using RadioDroid 2 (found in Google PlayStore)

this app has more radio stations than you could listen (per country / per style / search function ...and so on)
and guess what ? .... it's FREE with NO ADS !!! :thumbup:


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